Paulprince Ayo, Tami Tamx – Faith Over Fear The Cypher Lyrics

Paulprince Ayo, Tami Tamx – Faith Over Fear The Cypher Lyrics – Lyrics

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TAMI TAMX: I Gat faith, PEEPS I can show you vouchers,
Don’t ever doubt me, homie I’m the real deal,
Whenever ever fear shows, I show him true Faith
And when the Badman wanna use me, I tell them
Calm down, you can never wash me, I’m soaked in the blood
Lemme ask you a question, who gat Faith and who gat Joy?
Tami Tamx, I’m a King & I rule
It’s God over everything
We telling that to the world yuh

PAULPRIINCE AYO: When going through Fears Valley, don’t think there’s no way out
You ain’t the first to feel that way, there’s hope without a doubt
Look on the better side even when things go south
And choose faith over fear and trust over doubt
Omo my Faithee Full shout out to George will (Faithful Vinn-George will)
I’m a conqueror and that’s God’s will
I don’t fear, the greater one is inside of me
I’m no bastard, I’m a legit Son of G O D

SPECCTA: Exterminated my fears, got faith in charge of affairs
Of everything that pertains to me, His plans for me never fail
We making moves and attaining heights, God’s glory steady shining bright
I got series of situations that God thru faith made it right
Take over territories, we not telling stories,
Seeing by faith like – the top of a thirty storey
See past obstacles and limitations, kill the questions of self-doubts and disbelief
I hope these words I leave with you inspire and give relief

B-CLASSIC: Tell it to the world that I’m a city on a hill
Mehn they gat all eyes on me no 2pac mehn I’m double bill
So guy chill when fear pulls up just like an automobile
Link up with your inner being to calm down all your trouble seas
Faith over fear is the motto you should know I’m born with it
And I’m never letting go fighting till I’m done with it
I’m an icon living by his blood I’m living
Tell it to the world faith over fear I’m preaching


DERVIC: Pay attention no currency
Take it down likka property
Better than what they thought of me
Got a Godly guarantee
so outstanding, no balcony
Danger totally far from me
When they panic I rhapsody
(Being positive, currently)

Faith over fear, is the life that I be living
Enemies gat to believe
That they cannot interfere
I’m way up like javelin
Obsessed with the way I win
And nothing can come between
shut them up like the Police

EBI JOSEPH: Mehn it’s faith over fear
Wait… Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real
So all I gat to is switch F’s
And what I got at the end of the day that’s Faith Evidence Appearing Real
Hold up… So I don’t listen to the news I cling to word
And we are praying to God Saying “Father Heal The World”
So when you hear me say it’s Faith over Fear
Men, I know what I’m saying because I know my Dad is here

AWESOME: You got the bible but you don’t believe anything that Jehovah God said
Up with a little pandemic
And now y’all panic
And most of y’all going insane
Every minute, every second you up on the internet checking what the news is saying
Instead of praying
You should be reading your bible and building your faith but you’re playing
God is the way!
You start to grow
When you start to know
That God is all that you need
Because He gat it all
Mehn He created all
And He can do more than you think
Brother God is above everything
Whatever I wanna mehn I go to Him and get it
Because He’s never failing me, He’s always up and ready
And He got me on a steady
Mehn He gat me on His pay list like that

SUPHRANNO: It’s a faith over fear, like a proper Fraction
Can’t be moved by fear, God’s word is my anchor
When they see the blood, omo dey plague go pass us
Faith na the Code better change your password
We stay united, great survivals, Grace dey guide us, they can’t trial us, change your mindset
With a sound mind, we the children of the highest, what we see now can’t define us
Many things are happening, alota people panicking I think it’s bout the time we need to level up
The devil is a liar, and we never gon, retire we go always dey on fire like it’s Pentecost
We no fit back down, look! Our back uptight like person wey dey move with escort

Cause we heavenly citizens we can never be defeated, we be steadily winning it, till the end comes.

Tami Tamx

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