Blessing Daniel – Suddenly Lyrics & Mp3 Download

Blessing Daniel – Suddenly Lyrics & Mp3 Download – Lyrics

Verse 1:

When the storms of life, and the floods of pain

Fill the pathway that I tread

And the hope of light, at the tunnel’s end

Appears to fade in sight

And the daily grind, the demands of life

Seem to drain away my joy

And the deepest yearnings of my heart

Is who would set me free?


Suddenly, I see the rock of ages, standing in for me

Suddenly, I see his hand of mercy reaching out for me

Suddenly, it is a new day in my life

Jesus is alive, I’ve found his favour and mercy,

Reaching out to me



Verse 2:

I cannot escape, I cannot deny, that Jesus loves me so

I only believe, and yes I receive ability to live

Yes I stand in his grace, as I come in this place,

And I sing his praise right here

And the Living water flows from him

As I worship in His Name

“Suddenly” Lyrics & Mp3 Download by Blessing Daniel

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