SammyAcoustic – Mirror Lyrics

SammyAcoustic – Mirror Lyrics – Lyrics

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SammyAcoustic – Mirror Lyrics

Verse 1
I was in a church one day
And we were fighting enemies.
Forces in my generation
May they die by fire!!
I stood there looking lost
Sepe mo si wa labe ide
But my bible tells me that
You gave your life to give me life
So now, I only mirror you
No longer bound
No more chains are holding me
Your Word is what I look like now
It’s what I look into
And it’s what people see

Verse 2
No be say devil too powerful
Na we no know wetin we get
Night of solution, night of breakthrough
I just hope say you dey read your bible
Find your identity in the Word
Make you no dey sa kaa kiri
You see, the Word is our standard
No be wetin this world make us believe

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Oh oh oh…
Oh oh oh



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