Michael Stuckey – Ike Chineke Mp3

Michael Stuckey – Ike Chineke Mp3 – Lyrics

Michael Stuckey has brought fire to this new “Igbo” track “Ike Chineke” featuring Nigerian born Atlanta based producer, Rundatrax.

A song of great passion and heavy declaration of God’s power and promises, Ike Chineke was written by Michael Stuckey during the time he felt that generational curses over his family would follow him, after losing 4 Uncles to tragic issues to being involved with gun violences, drugs and alcoholism.

At that moment, Michael looked into the mirror and said “The Promise Of God is on you and the Power of God is on you” which led to “Ike Chinekw – You Will Live”

International Contemporary Worship Artist, Michael Stuckey is renowned for his unique classic sound with some “old school swag” and now adding his fourth African language, “Igbo” to his profile, the America based singer has more to offer to his Nigerian and Global audience.


Be encouraged today, God’s got you and yes, IT’S ON YOU TOO!!

“Ike Chineke” Mp3 Download by Michael Stuckey ft. Rundatrax

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Is this Lyrics Michael Stuckey – Ike Chineke Mp3 Correct?


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